Reasons for Learning Successful Wing Chun Kung Fu

Why Learn Kung Fu.

There are many reasons that people wish to learn a traditional Chinese Kung Fu style. You may be looking for a self defence system that builds physical confidence, or perhaps simply a new and exciting way in which to do exercise. Others wish to develop greater mental disciple or learn about the internal energies of their own body in greater detail. All of these are good reasons to learn Wing Chun. The aim of our teaching is to develop students mentally and physically through the study of a long established self defence system. The skills that you can learn through training in Wing Chun will assist you in all aspects of your life.

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Who Can Learn Wing Chun.

To begin training in Wing Chun Kung Fu the key attributes needed are a willingness to train diligently, to have fun, and a commitment to practicing regularly. Training begins by learning basic movements in a relaxed slow, but accurate, fashion allowing the student to gain confidence before applying speed and power. Like all disciplines however it takes time, effort and patience to become proficient in a martial art.

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What You Will Learn.

Wing Chun is a system designed to use relaxation, technique and natural body mechanics, rather than brute strength, to deal with an opponent. You will learn how to efficiently use your own mind and body in self-defence rather than sheer muscular force. To view our training syllabus click here.

Wing Chun, like many of the Kung Fu styles, is said to have its origins in the famous Shaolin temple of China. Kung Fu was taught there because it provided an efficient form of defence. It also served to strengthen the body and mind in preparation for the meditation practices undertaken by the monks and nuns. You can read more about the origin of Wing Chun by clicking here.

We are part of the Ching Mo Wing Chun Association.

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