Prices and Policies

Wing Chun Classes

£27 monthly.

All classes are paid monthly by bank transfer.

Wing Chun Private Lessons: £27 per hour.
Qi Gong Classes

1 x class per week = £22 monthly (minimum monthly amount).

2 x Classes per week = £34 monthly.

Students can choose to top up with extra lessons for £6 per extra lesson.

All classes are paid monthly by bank transfer.

Qi Gong or Nei Gong Private Lessons: £27 per hour.
Ching Mo Wing Chun Association Membership.

All Wing Chun students must have martial arts insurance to train with other members of the school. This is covered by an annual Ching Mo Wing Chun Association membership fee.

For new students this fee is £30, payable after their first Wing Chun lesson. All new students will receive a free Ching Mo School training t-shirt included in their first year membership cost.

Annual membership renewal for existing students is £25 per year there after.


New students with no previous experience of Wing Chun will be offered a free introductory lesson into the foundations and principles of the system before being asked to join the school.

New applicants with previous Wing Chun experience wishing to join the school are expected to pay the Association membership fee to cover their insurance and the first months training fees before attending class. They will be expected to demonstrate sufficient skills in Ip Ching Wing Chun before being allowed to train with other members of the school.


Training fees are paid on a calendar month basis. This allows for the school to be closed over the Christmas period (usually two weeks) and for up to two weeks in the school summer holidays.

If for any reason Sifu Marcus is unable to take a class the school will always endeavour to provide teaching cover from another senior assistant instructor.


It is not a good idea for your health, or the health of your fellow students to attend a class when unwell. Students with any signs or symptoms of COVID 19 Corona virus, Flu or colds will not be permitted to train in class. They should follow recommended health guidelines and seek medical advice if appropriate.

Any student developing COVID 19 symptoms after attending class should immediately inform the school to aid with tracing and isolating procedures.

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