Wing Chun Kung FU Class Times
  • Open Class (All levels from beginners to advanced) – Monday 7pm-8.45pm.
  • Open Class (All levels from beginners to advanced) – Wednesday 7pm-8.45pm.

Regular attendance of a class is the most effective way to begin your Wing Chun training.

Minimum age for Wing Chun classes is 16.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes
Wing Chun Practice
Qi Gong Class Times
  • Tuesday 9am to 10am. (All levels from beginners upwards).
  • Friday – 9am to 10am. (Intermediates upwards).
  • Friday – 10am to 11am. (Beginners upwards).

Minimum age for Qi Gong Classes is 18.

Qi Gong Class
Qi Gong

If you would like to try any of our classes please contact Sifu Marcus Watts BEFORE ATTENDING for information on availability of places.

Please note that the minimum age limit for all classes is eighteen years of age.

Private Lessons

Private lessons in Wing Chun or Qi Gong are available with Sifu Marcus for faster development or if you are unable to attend classes. These are run on a one to one, or small group basis.

For information on prices please click here.


It is not a good idea for your health, or the health of your fellow students to attend a class when unwell. Students with any signs or symptoms of COVID 19 Corona virus, Flu or colds will not be permitted to train in class. They should follow recommended health guidelines and seek medical advice if appropriate.

We are part of the Ching Mo Wing Chun Association and an affiliate of the Lotus Nei Gong School.

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