The Combined Arts School of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Qi Gong Exercise was founded by Marcus Watts. It is based in Hebden Bridge, near Halifax, Calderdale, West Yorkshire. 

Instructor Marcus Watts.
Sifu Marcus Watts

Marcus is the senior instructor for the Ching Mo Wing Chun family in Yorkshire. The Ching Mo Wing Chun Martial Arts Association was founded by Master Billy Davidson who is a direct student of the late Grandmaster Ip Ching (the youngest son of the legendary Grandmaster Ip Man).

The Ching Mo Family has instructors and schools in the North of England, North Wales, Birmingham and Portugal. Marcus has been teaching Wing Chun (also known as Ving Tsun) in Hebden Bridge, near Halifax in Calderdale since 2006 and opened his full time Wing Chun School in 2010.

Marcus began his Wing Chun Kung Fu training with Master Billy Davidson whilst living in Manchester in 1999. As well as attending open classes he soon started to train privately with Master Billy on a weekly basis. Despite moving away from Manchester he still continues to train regularly with Master Billy believing that this is essential for his own development and, in turn, beneficial for his own students.

In 2002 he became one of Master Billy’s indoor students and was awarded Instructor level under Master Billy Davidson in 2005. He has visited Hong Kong on several occasions with Master Davidson for further training with the late Grandmaster Ip Ching and the senior instructors of the Ip Ching Ving Tsun Kung Fu association.

Sifu Marcus, Master Billy Davidson and Grandmaster Ip Ching

In 2015 Marcus became one of two senior Ching Mo instructors allowed to grade their own students to a senior level.

Along side Wing Chun, Marcus is also a practitioner of Nei Gong, a traditional Daoist system of transformative energy work that includes Qi Gong (Chinese Health exercises).

Having studied Qi Gong with a variety of different teachers over the years he became a student under Damo Mitchell of the Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts in 2014. In 2019, after a three year intensive teacher training course, he qualified as a Nei Gong Instructor under the Lotus Nei Gong School.

Marcus is passionate about Wing Chun and Qi Gong believing that, when taught correctly, they can form the foundations of a happier healthier life. He is constantly striving to improve both himself, and the abilities of his students.

He also qualified as a Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturist in 2006 and is a co-founder of the Hebden Bridge Acupuncture Centre.

Assistant Instructor Julian Hiscox

Professor Julian Hiscox began training Wing Chun with Sifu Marcus Watts in 2008. In 2014 he became the first student under Sifu Marcus to attain Assistant Instructor level through the Ching Mo School.

Julian Hiscox
Assistant INstructor Zsolt Kovacsai

Dr Zsolt Kovacsai started training Wing Chun with the Hungarian Wing Tsun Organisation (HWTO) in 2004. He joined Ching Mo School and continued training with Sifu Marcus Watts in 2016, attaining Assistant Instructor level in 2021.

Zsolt Kovacsai
Assistant INstructor Robert Williams

Robert began his Wing Chun training with the Ching Mo School in 2016 attaining Assistant Instructor level in 2022.

Robert Williams
Assistant INstructor lee sloane

Lee began his Wing Chun training with the Ching Mo School in 2014 attaining Assistant Instructor level in 2022.

Lee Sloane
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