How We Teach Wing Chun

There are many different aspects to learning Wing Chun Kung Fu but the main areas are:


Forms are structured patterns of techniques set into flowing routines. They are the roots of Wing Chun Kung Fu and provide an encyclopedia of techniques for the practitioner. There are 3 ‘open hand’ forms in Wing Chun followed by the Wooden Man and then Weapons.

  • Siu Lim Tao (little idea form) – The starting point for all training develops structure, energy and basic techniques.
  • Chum Kiu (bridging form) – Progessing from Siu Lim Tao we learn to ‘seek or ‘bridge’ the gap with an opponent. This form incorporates movement, stepping and kicking.
  • Biu Tze (thrusting fingers form) – Biu Tze is an advanced attacking form using energy in different directions in combination with finger, elbow and palm strikes amongst others to create a destructive force.
  • Mook Yan Jong – The Wooden Dummy or Wooden Man form encompasses stances and techniques from Siu Lim Tao, Chum Kiu and Biu Jee. It teaches movement around an opponent and application of close range energy.
  • Look Dim Boon Kwan – 6 1/2 Point Pole.
  • Baat Cham Dao – 8 Cutting Broadswords (Butterfly Knives). The 6 1/2 Point Pole form along with the 8 Cutting Broadswords teach advanced footwork and weapon techniques that are applicable to open hand combat as well.
Siu Lim Tao Practice
Training the Wooden Man
From Forms to Practical Application

Learning to understand and apply the movements in the forms is done in stages:

  • Individual techniques, or combinations, are developed through controlled drills that emphasise timing and focus and aim to develop a subconscious reflex.
  • When the student has practiced and understood the drill we can progress to applying the same actions to a more practical scenario.
  • Chi Sau, or Sticking Hands, is a method of training unique to Wing Chun which teaches sensitivity, reflexes, position and correct use of energy at close quarters. It is a bridge between the Forms and free contact fighting.
Free Application Training
Blindfold Chi Sau – Sticking Hands

We are part of the Ching Mo Wing Chun Association.

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