Qigong Chinese Health Exercises

Chinese Health Exercises, known as Qigong (pronounced ‘Chi Gong’), have been practiced by people from all aspects of Chinese society for thousands of years. From martial artists and sports people to those just looking to maintain or improve their health Qigong has provided, when practiced properly, a safe and enjoyable way to stretch, tone and strengthen the body. Health Qigong gives those willing to practice the tools to improve their physical and mental health wellbeing. It is suitable for all people of all ages and its practices can be adjusted to match an individuals’ own body limitations. The key difference between Qigong and most other forms of exercise is the intimate connection created between the practitioners mind, breath and body during practice. Refining our posture and alignments allows the practitioner to draw energy (Qi) from the surrounding environment and circulate this efficiently around the body to improve our health. A deeper awareness of our own body leads to a greater understanding of relaxation so often missing in our busy daily lives.

Sifu Marcus Watts is a qualified Instructor for the British Health Qigong Association. He has also trained Qigong in Hong Kong with Qigong, Wushu master and co-founder of the Nature Health Qigong Assocation, Dr Luk Wai Sum.

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Contact Sifu Marcus Watts on 07884020028 or email : marcus@combinedarts.org